Séminaire de Linda LUQUOT, Hydrosciences Montpellier

Rôle des hétérogénéités structurales et minérales sur les taux globaux de réactions : approche expérimentale


Predicting reactive transport at large scale, i.e., Darcy- and field- scale, is still challenging considering the number of heterogeneities that may be present from nm- to pore-scale. It is well documented that conventional continuum-scale approaches oversimplify and/or ignore many important aspects of rock structure, chemical reactions, fluid displacement and transport, which, as a consequence, results in uncertainties when applied to field-scale operations. The changes in flow and reactive transport across the different spatial and temporal scales are of central concern in many geological applications such as groundwater systems, geo-energy, rock building heritage and geological storage...

In this presentation, we will discuss some laboratory experiments on how local heterogeneities (structural, hydrodynamic and mineralogical) can affect the localization and the rate of the reaction processes. Different flow through laboratory experiments using various rock samples will be presented, from simple monomineral rocks such as limestone samples, and more complex rocks composed of different minerals with a large range of kinetic reactions. X-ray microtomography images have been used to localize the reaction processes.