Conference : Anthropocene concept

Anthropocene concept: interests and flaws, towards the notion of "environmental intelligence"

Anthropocene concept

21/11: CONFERENCE inter campus sustainable development week

Thursday 21 November at 6.30 pm (Beaulieu, Amphi B), as part of the inter-campus sustainable development week, Luc Aquilina (Géosciences) and Véronique Van Tilbeurgh (UR2, ESO) propose a conference entitled "Anthropocene concept: interests and flaws, towards the notion of "environmental intelligence""

Sustainable Development Week on Rennes Campuses is organized by the Collectif Rennais Inter-Campus pour le Développement Durable

Our time is characterized by the place taken by human activities as the first geological agent, which earned it the name of Anthropocene. This notion, if it makes it possible to identify the environmental emergency, does not always make it possible to clearly identify the springs and the tensions at work within our societies. Through environmental intelligence, we propose a territorialized concept of participative and collective approach to provide sustainable solutions.