European day of the Universities Collections

The European Day of the University Collections is for the initiative of the European network of the university collections (Universeum) of which the university of Rennes1 is a member. This day allows to become aware of the importance of the university collections from scientific point of view and patrimonial

European day of the Universities Collections
It is possible to choose up to two routes among the following proposals:
  • The temporary exhibition "the Pedagogy by the object"
  • the paints of Mathurin Méheut and Yvonne Jean-Haffen
  • the museum of geology
  • the gallery of former and contemporary scientific instruments the historic experience of measure of Pierre Curie's radioactivity reconstituted
  • the gallery of zoology: "sound communication in the animal kingdom"
Every guided tour lasts the 1 hour.
The hours of visit are 2:30 pm and 16 hours.

Compulsory reservation