Pavla Štípská's seminar, CLR, Czech Geological Survey/Institut de Physique de Globe, UMR 7516, Université de Strasbourg

The effect of melt infiltration on metagranitic rocks in granulite–migmatite domes

Séminaire de Pavla Štípská, 2019


Textural features typical of migmatites are associated with subvertical eclogite-facies high-strain zones in a garnet-phengite-biotite metagranite from the Bohemian Massif. A detailed petrological analysis shows that they result from the in­ltration of a hydrous granitic melt, pervasive at the grain-scale, but localized at the outcrop scale. The melt in­ltrated at 1.5-1.7 GPa and 690-740 °C and possibly triggered the exhumation of the 2 km wide structural domain to ~0.7 GPa.