Scientific half-day at the Fractory

On the occasion of the visit of Jim Hazzard, Itasca International’s "software manager", Fractory is organising a half-day presentation of the research carried out in this joint laboratory at the CNRS, the university and the Itasca company.

Logo Fractory
The program is of variable geometry with interventions of 10 to 20' which can be freely interspersed with questions or complements of information of the public ... within the limit of what the moderator will accept:)

The list of interventions includes :

Caroline Darcel: effective elastic properties of rock masses with DFN
Philippe Davy:  the likely Universal Fracture Model (UFM)E
Etienne Lavoine: new developments in DFN (Discrete Fracture Network) generation
Diane Doolaghe: new advances in graph methods for DFN
Romain Le Goc: the graph of open patches in DFN
Justine Molron: identification of fractures with Ground Penetrating Radar
Silvia de Simone: advances in thermohydromechanics and induced seismicity
Philippe Davy: the "precipiton" method to solve river hydrodynamics and erosion with particles


The meeting will be held next Friday (June 21) from 9 am to ~12 pm in the Bernard Auvray room. If you are interested, please feel free to come ... within the space available.