Thesis defense of Quentin Courtois

Fractured aquifers water resources ans solute transfers


Aquifers are one of the most valuable water resources to be used. They are connected to the water cycle of which they constitute the underground part. Need for a numerical tool suited to model France aquifers was pointed out in order to depict  their dynamic within the global warming context. In Brittany, a France region, there are mainly shallow, heterogeneous crystalline aquifers, but well connected to the hydrological network, for which they are the main reservoir. Available data to analyze these aquifers are really scarce, requiring a parcimonious modelling approach. But they need to take into account the hich complexity of shallow altered aquifers. The devellopped model’s main aim is hillslopes flow modelling. The outgoing flow are aggregated in river, whose data are used for calirbation. The model compared to recession analysis shows a good ability to reporduce flowing processes, and describing the kind of data needful to infer shallow aquifers dynamics.