DIMENV@risce scientific activities

Thématiques de recherche Dimenv@risce
  1. Overview of the DIMENV@risce team
  2. Skills
  3. Collaborations

Overview of the DIMENV@risce team

  • Scientific themes

    •  Fluids and Transfers
    • Fracturing
    • Heterogeneities and Reactivity
    • Imaging and Interface Dynamics
  •    Societal challenges
    • Hydrosedimentary Hazards
    • Volcanic Hazards
    • Water Resources and Sediments
Blocks (> 50 cm in diameter) suspended in the branches of a tree adjoining the exit of the Poerua gorge (New Zealand Alps) - © Philipps Steer



  • Disciplinary skills

    • geochemistry (tracing, dating ground water)
    • geophysics (imagery of the critical zone and volcanoes)
    • geomorphology (sedimentary erosion and transport, landscape evolution)
    • hydrology (ground water, surface water, associated risks)
    • physics of complex systems (e.g., non-linear dynamics,multi-scale systems)
    • remote sensing (e.g., LiDAR, satellite gravimetry)

Close collaborations with ECOBIO biologists to integrate living processes in the dynamics of the critical zone.

  •  Technical skills

    • in situ measurements (drilling, rivers, sub-surface geophysics, remote sensing)
    • experimental modeling: micro-fluidic devices, experimental channels, etc.
    • numerical modeling (code development: fracturing, dynamic fluid transfer in rivers, etc.)


  • International projects

  • Public and industrial partners
    ADEME (The French Environment and Energy Management Agency), Water Agency, EDF (French Energy Group), ITASCA, etc.