Dynamics, Imaging and Modeling of Environmental systems (DIMENV@risce)

The DIMENV team was created in 2017 and is the result of the merger of 3 pre-existing teams at Geosciences Rennes: Water and matter transfers, Quantitative Geomorphology and Geophysical Imagery samples for the chemical and microbiological characterization of water from Guidel (French Brittany)
prélèvements destinés à la caractérisation chimique et microbiologique de l'eau à Guidel

The particularity of this team is that it is one of the subsets of OSUR’s
inter-UMR (Mixed Research Unit) RISCE project in OSUR’s interdisciplinary project pool. As a result, the Geosciences Rennes team is directly associated with the teams in the ECOBIO laboratories, the Institute of Physics Rennes (IPR) and IRISA. Combined, they form the RISCE project.