The Geohelis platform is a university-certified platform for improving the readability of the institution’s technical resources

This platform brings together a centre of analytical resources devoted to the analysis of major chemical and trace elements (inorganic anions/cations, dissolved carbon) of environmental samples (mainly water but also certain minerals, biological samples, etc.) and a second devoted to the elementary and/or isotopic analysis (radiogenic isotopes) of rocks and/or minerals to study the origin, the history and age of terrestrial rocks and of the associated minerals

Scientific manager of the platform : Marc Poujol with the support of Rémi Marsac
Technical managers of the platform : Martine Bouhnik Le Coz and Nathan Cogné with the technical support of Dominique Bavay, Maxime Pattier, Lionel Dutruch, Patrice Petitjean et David Vilbert,


Excimer laser coupled to a Q-ICP-MS for in-situ trace-elements analysis and in-situ U-Th/Pb dating QQQ ICP-MS for solution elemental analyses.

Skills / Expertise:

  • U-Th-Pb, K-Ar, (U-Th)/He and Fission Tracks Dating
  • Trace elements analysis by LA-ICP-MS
  • ICP-MS analysis of major and trace elements analyses of dissolved environmental samples.
  • Analysis of dissolved organic carbon concentrations by carbon analyzer (TOC).
  • Analysis of dissolved anion concentrations by ion chromatography.
  • UV spectrophotometry

Introducing GeOHeLiS

GeOHeLiS platform

Accessibility rules

This structure is open to all researchers from the Rennes 1 University research units, to research institutions collaborating with these units and, subject to availability, to private partners. All requests must be validated by the instrument engineers. They will assess the feasibility of the analyses and define a schedule based on the requests.
All the Publication/Communication/Thesis that will use data acquired within the platform are requested to cite the GeOHeLiS in the acknowledgment section. 

Application sectors and equipment

Chemical (elemental and/or isotopic) analyses of environmental samples (surface water, groundwater, plants, micro-organisms, biogenic samples, etc.) or geological samples (rocks and minerals)
Equipment of the structure
  • Equipment 1: Excimer laser coupled to Q-ICP-MS for elemental or isotopic analysis by in-situ laser ablation and U-Th-Pb dating
  • Equipment 2: Rare Gas Mass Spectrometers (Ar, He) for K-Ar and (U-Th)/He and Solid Source Mass Spectrometer (TIMS) for isotopic analyses (Sm, Nd, Sr, Pb).
  • Equipment 3: Q-ICP-MS for measuring concentrations of major elements and traces of dissolved environmental samples
  • Equipement 4: QQQ-ICP-MS for measuring concentrations of major and trace elements of dissolved environmental samples
  • Equipment 5: Two UV-Vis spectrophotometers
  • Equipment 6: Two carbon analyzers (TOC) including one with nitrogen analysis.
  • Equipment 7: Ion chromatography for analysis of dissolved anions.
  • Equipment 8: Anton-paar Multiwave 7000 Micro-Wave


2021 :

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2020 :

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Phd Thesis in 2020:

14/12/2020 : Maxime Bernard : « Modélisation et enregistrement morphologique, détritique et thermochronologique de l’érosion glaciaire ».

4/12/2020 Jan Westerweel : « The India-Asia collision from the perspective of Myanmar: Insights from paleomagnetism and paleogeographic reconstructions ».

09/10/2020 : Mathilde Mercuzot : « Reconstitutions paléoenvironnementales et paléoclimatiques en contexte tardi-orogénique : cas des bassins fini-carbonifères à permiens du nord-est du Massif central, France ».

07/10/2020 : Anthony Beauvois : « Comment l’organisation physique des agrégats nano-particulaires fer-matière organique contrôle-t-elle leur réactivité ? »

02/10/2020 : Rémi Coltat : « Interactions fluides-roches-déformation durant l’exhumation mantellique dans les marges hyper-étendues, la nappe de Platta, Alpes suisses ».