Contaminants FAte is ConTrolled by colloidal ORganic matter speciation

The C-FACTOR project carried by Rémi Marsac (Geosciences Rennes, team NanoBioGeochemistry) is held by the ANR for a financing up to 217 K€ (2018-2022).

ANR Rémi Marsac 2018

Natural colloids are ubiquitous in soils, sediments and natural waters. They control the fate of contaminants because of their extremely reactive surface. Natural colloids are often complex organo-mineral colloids (OMCs). However, binding of contaminants to OMCs cannot be predicted because mechanisms controlling natural organic matter (NOM)-mineral interactions are widely unknown. The C-FACTOR project aims to determine how NOM speciation is affected by its interaction with minerals under various environmental conditions to verify the hypothesis of an existing relationship between composition/size/structure/morphology and surface reactivity of OMCs. Adsorption studies of various contaminants (metals, arsenic, organic contaminants) to OMCs will be conducted to probe the surface reactivity of OMCs and to develop a predictive model of the environmental fate of contaminants accounting for OMCs.

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