Coqueiral project presented at the UN

Coastal groundwater in the face of global and societal changes: the COQUEIRAL project selected with 15 others to illustrate the compilation «French research, success, science of sustainability» presented at the UN

The COQUEIRAL project was selected along with 15 others to illustrate the collection «French Research, Success, Science of Sustainability» presented by the President of Allenvi before the General Assembly of United-Nations which opened on September 24, 2019 in New York. Led by the BRGM, this is a study conducted at Récife in Brazil with hydrologists (including Géosciences Rennes, University of Rennes 1, CNRS), sociologists and anthropologists: it has taken an interest in water resources in the context of very high anthropogenic pressure. The researchers showed how groundwater, which had retained the memory of the last ice age, was threatened by surface water abstraction undermined by practices and the lack of management policy.
The scientific and political context

With the world’s population expected to reach eight and a half billion people by 2030, it remains possible to eliminate poverty and promote the well-being of humanity. To achieve this, however, a profound and urgent change is indispensable in the relations between man and nature, as well as a significant reduction in social and gender inequalities, between and within countries. These are the conclusions of the Global Report on Sustainable Development (GSDR), submitted to António Guterres on 11 September, and presented at the United Nations Summit on Sustainable Development on 24 and 25 September 2019 in New York.

Entitled “The Future is Now: Science for Sustainable Development”, this report by a group of independent scientists, including Jean-Paul Moatti, IRD CEO and President of the National Research Alliance for the Environment (Allenvi), was released on 11 September.

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The release of this universal report was an opportunity for Jean-Paul Moatti to sound the alarm: the 2030 agenda is not held. Yet we know the key to moving forward: strengthening sustainability science, an interdisciplinary science for sustainable development.

It is within this general framework that Jean-Paul Moatti wanted to publish a booklet «Recherche française Succès science de la durabilité» to specifically highlight French research in the field of «Sustainability Sciences (SS)», including the COQUEIRAL project.

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