Encyclopedia "SCIENCES" from ISTE-Wiley

A new reference book is being developed
Encyclopédia sciences

A new encyclopedia "SCIENCES" in French and English is being developed by the ISTE publisher associated with Wiley for international publishing
All Fields of "SCIENCES" combined will produce 800 books with 14,000 authors by 2025.
The first 2 books of ISTE-WILEY’s SCIENCES encyclopedia in the field "GEOSCIENCES" have been published.
They deal "Iceland in the Heart of the North Atlantic" and cover all geodynamic issues from hot spot to ice-volcano interactions.

IST-Wiley SCIENCES is divided into nine Departments, which are divided into Domains. The Earth and Universe Department covers the INSU themes
and includes five areas ...
-  Climate and Atmosphere
-  Geoscience
-  Oceanography and marine ecology
-  Spatiology
-  Universe
The Director of the Geosciences field is Yves Lagabrielle, researcher at Géosciences Rennes in the «Tectonics: Earth; Time, Tracing» team (T4).

 The Field "GEOSCIENCES" is divided into 7 themes:
1† The Earth, Origin and Early Ages
2† Earth’s interior structure and dynamics
3† Lithosphere-Asthenosphere Interactions
4† Ocean lithosphere kinematics and dynamics
5† Continental Lithosphere Dynamics
6† The surface of the lithosphere and the biosphere
7† Natural Resources: Basic Applied Research

The themes are placed under the responsibility of a scientist whose role is to inspire the community to produce books giving an overview of the
Science that is done today in our laboratories and in the field, for an audience of the Master level 2.  .

Philippe Boulvais, also a member of T4, manages Theme 7 on Natural Resources. Several colleagues are book coordinators in several themes.
Yves plans to release around 50 volumes in all Earth Sciences disciplines by 2025. Business to follow...

Theme managers have tried to contact and motivate most actors in their disciplinary field in France, but also abroad.
However, if you have not been contacted and if you wish to contribute to the Encyclopedia either by writing an article or by coordinating a book, do not hesitate to contact Yves Lagabrielle….
 Yves will certainly welcome your proposal with enthusiasm and will direct you to the adhoc theme manager.