Humanity, the missing link in the water cycle, really?

Submitted by Isabelle Dubigeon on Thu, 06/27/2019 - 10:12
Publication in Nature geoscience with Jean Marçais

Ben Abbott (Brigham Young University USA, formerly OSUR), Jean Marçais (IPG Paris, OSUR/geosciences Rennes), Tamara Kolbe (Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, formerly Rennes geosciences), Ovidiu Ursache (SAS, AGROCAMPUS WEST, INRA) and Gilles Pinay (IRSTEA, ex OSUR/ECOBIO) published on 10 June 2019 in NATURE Geoscience an article entitled "Human domination of the global water cycle absent from depictions and perceptions".

The authors note that our representations of the water cycle give a false impression of security regarding our water supplies. This article analyses our cultural representations of the water cycle, our biased perceptions of it and, ultimately, suggests the necessary adjustments in our behaviour. Note that the prestigious magazine has chosen this article in front of its home page!

Reference : Benjamin W. Abbott, Kevin Bishop, Jay P. Zarnetske, Camille Minaudo, F. S. Chapin III, Stefan Krause, David M. Hannah, Lafe Conner, David Ellison, Sarah E. Godsey, Stephen Plont, Jean Marçais, Tamara Kolbe, Amanda Huebner, Rebecca J. Frei, Tyler Hampton, Sen Gu, Madeline Buhman, Sayedeh Sara Sayedi, Ovidiu Ursache, Melissa Chapin, Kathryn D. Henderson & Gilles Pinay (2019). Human domination of the global water cycle absent from depictions and perceptions, Nature Geoscience, 1752-0908, DOI - 10.1038/s41561-019-0374-y

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