Interpore prize 2020 for Tanguy Le Borgne

Tanguy Le Borgne (Géosciences Rennes) receives the Interpore 2020 Prize

Interpore 2020 prize for Tanguy Le Borgne
Tanguy Le Borgne (Géosiences Rennes, team DIMENV@risce) receives the prestigious 2020 Interpore Prize for Research on Porous Media, awarded annually by the International Society for Porous Media. This award is given to mid-career researchers in recognition of outstanding research on porous media in general, with a focus on research conducted over the past five years. This international prize rewards significant advances in theory, experimentation and/or modelling in understanding problems involving natural and/or industrial porous media.
Tanguy’s research is part of the problem of modelling and experimental characterization of flows and transport processes in porous and/or fractured media: he is a hydrogeologist, specialist in modelling fluid circulation in soils and rocks. His research is part of the national observation service H+ labeled by the CNRS and carried by the OSUR.