The prize Dick Chorley 2018 of the British Geomorphological Society for Edwin Baynes

Edwin Baynes is a post-PhD student at Geosciences Rennes, holder of an European stock exchange Marie-Curie within WaterfallModel3D project. He has just received the prize Dick Chorley 2018 of the British Geomorphological Society.

Edwin Baynes 2018

The Prize Dick Chorley is annually awarded for an execeptionnel article by his quality, based on the doctoral search(research), of which the candidate is the first author.

Today in Geosciences Rennes, Edwin continues to work on the question of the river erosion. With Dimitri Lague also of Geosciences, and his former Scottish colleagues, they published in February, 2018 an article in Scientifc Reports ( nature) who questions a piece of the modern geomorphology and the hydrology: the speed of backward movement of waterfalls would not depend on the flow of water! Thanks to Edwin's works, we understand better how waterfalls modify the landscapes in time.

Edwin will receive his(her) price(prize) during the annual assembly on 2018 of the BGS in September. The publication for which he is rewarded was published in the prestigious journal  PNAS:
Baynes, E.R.C., Attal, M., Niedermann, S., Kirstein, L.A., Dugmore, A.J., and Naylor, M. (2015) - Erosion during extreme flood events dominates Holocene canyon evolution in North-East Iceland.  Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 112, 8, 2355-2360, doi:10.1073/pnas.1415443112.

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