Restored 3D Stratigraphic and Structural Visualization of Sedimentary basins

Geosciences Rennes has been benefiting from the MOVE software suite since 2019, which was graciously donated by Petroleum Experts Ltd (PETEX)

coupes restaurées
Ten licenses worth £1,308,000 or € 1,468,675 were provided.
The use of MOVE from Petroleum Experts (PETEX) allows us to strengthen our skills regarding the 3D reconstruction of the geometry of sedimentary basins and their evolution during geological times,
  • (1) to discriminate the importance of tectonic, eustatic and climatic controls in sedimentary recording,
  • (2) quantify the different wavelengths of the deformation and their causes,
  • (3) understand and model sediment routing and erosion-sedimentation balance (“source-to-Sink”),
three specialities of Geosciences Rennes

The teaching of these digital techniques to PhD students and masters is also envisaged.