Rivières2070: winner of the call for projects 80|Premium in the framework of the 80 years of the CNRS

Submitted by Isabelle Dubigeon on Thu, 03/28/2019 - 13:19
A New Approach to Rivers: Looking Forward at 50 Years of Natural and Anthropogenic Dynamics
représentation d’un milieu naturel par traitement d’une image lidar-bathymétrique haute résolution spatiale

As part of the 80th anniversary of the CNRS, the Mission for Cross-cutting and Interdisciplinary Initiatives (MITI) has just announced in March 2019 the 80 winners of the call for project 80|Prime intended to support and strengthen the interdisciplinarity between institutes of the CNRS. The project supported by Laurent Longuevergne (Geosciences Rennes researcher, DIMENV@risce team, INSU) and Véronique Van Tilbeurgh (ESO Rennes, INSHS, professor at the University of Rennes 2) was selected.

Rivers 2070 proposes a new vision of rivers through an integrated approach to their natural and anthropogenic dynamics, considering the inseparable link between the evolution of our rivers and the question of water resources, particularly in light of future climate change. It is therefore necessary to rethink water resource management systems and to co-construct shared adaptation tools with the different actors. The aim of Rivers 2070 is therefore to develop numerical experiments to represent virtually the likely future of the usual landscapes as described in water transfer simulations.

The objectives are:
(1) define whether policies and tools for managing water resources remain sustainable with climate variability and people’s expectations;
(2) Scenarize changes so that actors (scientists, politicians, water managers in the broad sense, citizens) can share their knowledge, project themselves and react in the perspective of decision-making. It is thus a question of laying the first bricks of virtual reality as tools of environmental governance, or even of collective “environmental intelligence”


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Isabelle Dubigeon
Mon, 04/20/2020 - 13:57