TheGeo 2020

A program devoted to PhD students from Geosciences

Call for tenders TheGeo

Endowment 2020 : 3000 euros
In the framework of your research, you may have ideas, needs or wishes that are original with regards to your research plan. The ThéGéo call is for you.  You may aim at organizing a field trip, visiting a foreign laboratory (for modelling ; for petrological, mineralogical, geophysical analyses or experiments; for data treatment…), attending a summer school or a scientific workshop (non-exhaustive list).
Your proposal will be evaluated by 5 researchers from Géosciences, each belonging to one of the 5 research groups (“équipe”) of the laboratory. The evaluation criteria are: scientific originality, originality with regards to the thesis subject, scientific relevance, feasibility, input to the thesis, clarity of the application. The funded projects will be presented as short oral communications in an “Assemblée Générale” of Géosciences early 2021.
Send your proposal to The deadline is fixed at monday 2 march, 4PM. Results will be published on the “geol-info” list the monday 9 march.
The evaluating committee is comprised of (alphabetic order):
Philippe Boulvais (Team T4, leader of the comitee)
Marc Jolivet (Team Paleo2D)
Vincent Perrichot (Team BIPE)
Anne-Catherine Pierson-Wickmann (Team NBG)
Philippe Steer (Team DIMENV)
Note that the proposals from PhD students of team A will be evaluated only by researchers from teams B, C, D, E.
Some guidelines for the proposal writing (5 pages maximum)

  • Title of the project, name of the student, title of the hesis, name of the supervisor
  • Scientific context (including references)
  • Statement of the application
  • Schedule (project has to achieved during 2020)
  • Detailed budget (1000 euros maximum)