White paper “Palaeoclimates and palaeoenvironments”

The INSU has set up a White Paper committee, coordinated by Pascale Braconnot, to collectively identify future issues for the Palaeoclimates and Palaeoenvironments community.
Kosy Bay
Informations can be read here :
Since its establishment, the committee has carried out an inventory of documents of different prospective to refine the contours, questions and methods to be put in place to answer its roadmap. This phase is now complete and will give rise to a first restitution in June.

The next step is to organize a broader consultation with the entire community concerned by the research themes on "Palaeoclimates and Palaeoenvironments".

To carry out this broad consultation, meetings will be organized by region and will allow to prepare the elements of a national symposium of restitution at the end of 2021..
The division into regions deliberately does not take into account the themes developed within each laboratory or team in order to promote exchanges between communities.
As such, we ask you, for a meeting in the North-West region to organize:
 - in July (see doodle attached) a regional meeting of information and discussions in videoconferencing (we will send you the ZOOM links, when the date is set),
- In September, regional working meetings (format to be defined at the July meeting);
A national restitution conference will be held at the end of the year.
We therefore propose you to complete the dates of the 1st meeting and to disseminate this email widely within your units:

In addition, would it be possible to ask 1 or 2 contact persons within your units who would allow us to make the relay?

Do not hesitate for a contact if you need additional information. (see opposite)