Anne-Catherine Pierson-Wickmann

Associate Professor (in charge M1 H3)

Team Nanoscale
Team Endoreic Systems
Geosciences Rennes

building15 campus Beaulieu

University of Rennes 1


RENNES 35042


Email : anne-catherine [dot] pierson-wickmann [at] univ-rennes1 [dot] fr

Phone : +33 223233227

Office number : Bât.15, P316

University education

  • 2017: Habilitation in Geosciences, University of Rennes 1.
  • 1996-2000 - PhD thesis at Institut National Polytechnique de Lorraine (INPL). "Cycle of osmium and rhénium during Himalayan erosion.". PhD advisors : Laurie Reisberg and Christian France-Lanord. "Prix d’excellence de thèse INPL".

Research and teaching position

  • Since September 2003 - Lecturer at Géosciences Rennes.
  • 2000-2003 - Post-Doctorate at Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada – Department of Geology, with Kurt T. Kyser, Noel James and Guy Narbonne : Geochemical study of Neoproterzoic carbonates in Canada.
  • 1999 - 2000 - Temporary Teaching and Research Associate(ATER) at Institut National Polytechnique de Lorraine (INPL).


Research interests

Biogeochemistry of the Earth's Surface Environment

  • Tracing nanoplastics in the environment: C, Pb and Ni isotopes.
  • Origin and transfer of organic matter in agricultural watersheds: the C isotopic approach.
  • Origin and transfer of iron linked to organic matter: the Fe isotopes in a wetland. 
  • Relationships between wter chemistry and weathering processes: geochemical mass balance.



PhD supervision:

  • Christophe Leblay (2019-2022) - Isotopic tracing of sources and mechanisms at the interfacer of natural and anthropogenic nanoparticles in the environment (co-advisor: Aline Dia
  • Elaheh Lotfi (2016-2019) - A Fe isotopic approach for studying the relationship between Fe and organic matter in wetalnds. (co-advisor : Mélanie Davranche).
  • Thibault Lambert (2009-2013) - Tracing dissolved organic matter in agrosystems. (co-advisor : Gérard Gruau).

Participation to PhD :

  • Morgane Derrien (2008-2011) - Traçage de la contamination fécale dans les agro-hydro-systèmes (Dir - Emilie Jardé et Gérard Gruau)
  • Virginie Ayraud (2003-2005) - Détermination du temps de résidence des eaux souterraines : application au transfert d’azote dans les aquifères fracturés hétérogènes. (dir : Luc Aquilina et Hélène Pauwels)
Oxydes de fer dans une zone humide