Marawit Tesfa

PhD Student

Team Nanoscale
Marawit Tesfa

Email : marawit [dot] tesfa [at] univ-rennes1 [dot] fr

Phone : +33 223233243

Office number : Bât.15, P321

Thesis subject : Contaminant fate is controlled by colloidal organic matter speciation

The interaction between colloidal organic matter and contaminants is a highly studied phenomenon because of its importance to the environment. Organic colloidal particles have a very large specific surface and are stable in suspension. These two characteristics give them a major role in the transfer of contaminants from the soil to the water, and in their transport of these contaminants over long distances once in the stream. The project aims to understand the speciation of colloidal organic matter in order to predict its interaction with different contaminants.

Financement: Bourse ANR (2019-2022).

Management: Rémi Marsac and Aline Dia