A Research Laboratory Unit structured around research teams, technical and administrative services, based on a steering committee, the Unit Advisory Council and several committees.

  1. Management Team
  2. Administrative team
  3. Steering Committee (CoPil)
  4. Unit Advisory Council
  5. Comittees
  6. Mandated staff

Management Team

Administrative team

The unit relies on an administrative department that supports the research activities, coordinated by Chantal Pérot-Busnel, Unit administrator

Steering Committee (CoPil)

CoPil is made up of the research team leaders and the management team. It is in charge of guiding the activities carried out by the unit. 

Unit Advisory Council

The Unit Advisory Council is consulted on the overall policy of the unit, particularly in terms of recruitment and budget. It is made up of 12 elected members, 3 members by right and 5 nominated members.


    Collections/Museum Committee:
    Objective: management of the Teaching, Research and Museum collections.
    M. Ballèvre, J. Bouffette, O. Dauteuil, D. Gendry, M. Lemaire, D. Néraudeau
    Documentation Committee:
    Objective: management of the documentation center
    M. Ballèvre, C. Bertin, J. Bouffette, A. Chauvin, O. Dauteuil, A. Dia,
    I. Dubigeon, P. Gautier, F. Guillocheau, Y. Le Gonidec, D. Néraudeau
    Thesis Supervision Committee:
    Objective: liaison with the PhD students, detection of problems
    A. Chauvin, M. Davranche, 3 PhD students

      Mandated staff

      Hygiene and Safety Prevention: T. Labasque, D. Vilbert
      Premises Supervisor: F. Nicollin
      Seminar Supervisors: C. Bertin, B. Guillaume, P. Steer
      Teaching Supervisor: D. Néraudeau
      Permanent Training Correspondent: M. Bouhnik-Le Coz
      Contact persons:

      1.  Laser: N. Lavenant
      2. Nanoparticles: M. Liotaud
      3. Radiation protection: T. Labasque