Paleoenvironment, Paleomagnetism, Basin Dynamics (Paléo2D)

This is a multidisciplinary team whose aim is to understand:

•    Global events, paleogeography and major climate changes
•    Continental surface dynamics
•    Source to sink budgets from erosion to sedimentation
•    Coupling tectonic to sedimentation as proxy of lithospheric deformation
•    Paleomagnetism and archeomagnetism

Academic topics:

Archéomagnetisme, Astrochronology, Geodetic, Geomorphology, Paleomagnetism, Sedimentology, Stratigraphy, Tectonics et Low temperature thermochronology.

Technical know-how:

Ongoing projects:

  • ERC MAGIC (2015-2021) Monsoons in Asia caused Greenhouse-Icehouse change?
  • Marie Curie ITN S2S - Future (2020-2024)
  • ICDP DeepDust
  • IODP
  • National Oceanographic Campaigns (CNFH et CNFC)
    •  Campaign SUPER - SUb-seafloor effects of the Pedernales Earthquake Rupture, Ecuador (Mw7.8, 2016)
    • Campaign MOUV - Chronology of Pleistocene vertical movements on the continental platform of Ecuador: relationship to subduction dynamics, coupling and seismicity
  • International Reseach Program (CNRS) EarthSurf  with GFZ and Potsdam University
  • International collaboration project Procope AstroTrias (2021-2023)
  • International collaboration project Polonium Holostratigraphy and palaeoenvironmental changes (2021-2023)
  • Horizon H2020 : Project MEET (Enhanced Geothermal Systems)

Team members  :

Permanent staff:

Bouffette Jacques (PRAG)

Martinez Mathieu (MC),

Bourquin Sylvie (DR CNRS - Team leader)

Lanos Philippe (DR CNRS, from IRAMAT)

Chauvin Annick (Pr)

Moreau Frédérique (MC)

Dauteuil Olivier (DR CNRS)

Nalpas Thierry (MC)

Guérin Guillaume (CR CNRS)

Proust Jean-Noël (DR CNRS)

Dupont-Nivet Guillaume (CR CNRS)

Robin Cécile (MC)

Guillocheau François (Pr)

Roperch Pierrick (DR CNRS)

Jolivet Marc (DR CNRS)


Technical and engineering staff involved in the team's projects: 

Cullerier Philippe (AI UR1)

Le Carlier de Veslud Christian (IR CNRS)

Dufresne Philippe (IR CNRS, détaché IRAMAT)

Pejovic Milica (Project Manger ITN)

Postdocs :

Ait Itto Fatima-Zahra

Brunet Morgane

Batenburg Sietske

Dietrich Pierre

Doctorants :

Fu Chao

Noukpoape Komlan (détaché IRAMAT)

Cherfils Jean-Baptiste

Kernif Tarik

Giannenas Panagiotis Athanasios

Marie Nicolas

Setiawan Iwan