Paleoenvironment, Paleomagnetism, Basin Dynamics (Paléo2D)

The Paléoenvironnements, Paléomagnétisme et Dynamique des bassins [Paleoenvironment, Paleomagnetism, Basin Dynamics] team is a multidisciplinary team whose aim is to understand: - (1) variations in the preservation of continental sedimentary environments and their margins (palaeoenvironments) and the factors controlling them (climate, deformation, etc.) in space (source to sink approach) and over all timescales, - (2) secular variations in the Earth's magnetic field.

Our integrated approach is based on field acquisitions, subsurface data interpretation, and quantification by integrating analog modeling.
Methods: Geodesy, Geomorphology, Paleomagnetism,Sedimentology, Sequential stratigraphy, Tectonics, Low temperature thermochronology.

Tectonics and sedimentology - © Sylvie Bourquin