Sedimentology and petrophysics

Laboratory opened to the outside. Contact the manger for the Fee of laboratory services

  1. Laboratory functions
  2. Material available

Laboratory functions

  • Description, cutting of cores and samples of soft sediment
  • Sample preparation for texture and granulometric analyzes
  • Physical measurements on sediment cores and rocks (P-wave velocity, Gamma density, Magnetic susceptibility, Natural radioactivity, Fraction porosity, Impedance)
  • Suspended sediment treatment, filtration
  • Photograph of samples and cores continuously

Material available

Petrophysical bench - © Jean-Noël Proust
  • GEOTEK MSCL-S Physical Measurement Bench
  • Bench photo samples
  • Filtration columns
  • Standard extractor hood
  • Oven at 250 ° C
  • Cold cabinet for temporary storage of cores and samples
  • Two granulometers with vibration (5 microns to 1mm) and column 6 sieve AFNOR
  • Precision scale
  • Metallogenic optical microscope
  • Two binoculars
  • Glass and porcelain set, spatulas, pill organizers, bags
  • Magnetic stirrers
  • Water vacuum cleaner
  • Filtration columns